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Article 1 (Purpose)

1. The purpose of the Terms of Use is to set forth the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the “User” and the “Company” in using the Internet-related services (hereinafter, the “Service”) provided by Mtekvision Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) through its homepage (www. co.kr) (hereinafter, the “Site”).
2. The rights, obligations and responsibilities of the “User” and the “Company” other than those specified in the Terms of Use shall be governed by the Telecommunications Business Act, other laws and regulations of Korea and trade usage.

Article 2 (Definition of User)

1. The “User” refers to a person who receives the Service provided by the “Company” by accessing to the “Site”, and is classified into the “Member” and the “Non-Member”.
2. The “Member” refers to a person who completes registration by providing his/her personal information through a specific subscription process in the “Site” and the “Member” may use all services provided through the “Site”.
3. The “Non-Member” refers to a person who restrictively uses the Service without membership.

Article 3 (Membership)

1. A person who intends to be the “Member” shall fill out personal information in accordance with the form specified by the “Company” and apply for membership by pressing the “register” button.

2. The “Company” will register the person who applies for membership under Paragraph 1 as its member
① In case that an applicant for membership used to be disqualified for membership in accordance with Article 6.3 of the Terms of Use, except for the case where such person is approved for re-membership by the “Company” 3 years after his/her disqualification for membership under Article 6.3;
② In case that the details of registration are false, omitted or inaccurate;
③ In case that it is determined that registration for membership may cause significant interruption of the Company’s technology
3. The agreement for membership shall be established at the time when the approval of the “Company” is delivered to an applicant for membership.
4. In case of any change in the details of the membership under Paragraph 1, the “Member” shall correct any change and fill out the details.

Article 4 (Provision and Change of Service)

1. The following services will be provided to the “User”:
① Download service for the applicable product brochure
② Download service for the applicable product datasheet
③ Customer support (Contact Support) service
⑤ Any other services that the “Company” will provide to the “User” through its internal development or the cooperation agreement with other companies
2 The services specified in Paragraph 1 may be restrictively provided to the “Non-Member”, and the “Member” may use the restricted “Service” after the log-in.
3. The “Company” may provide the service specified in Paragraph 1 by notifying the details of the Service to be changed and the date of provision to the “User” in the manner specified in Article 7.2.
4. In case of any change in the details of member information under Paragraph 1, the “Member” shall immediately correct and fill out such change.

Article 5 (Suspension of Service)

1. In case of the occurrence of repair/check and failure of information communications equipment, such as a computer, or disconnection of communications, the “Company” may temporarily suspend the provision of the service, and may completely suspend the currently available service for the replacement into a new service or other reasons deemed as necessary by the “Company”.
2. In case of the service suspension under Paragraph 1, the “Company” shall give a notice to the User in the manner specified in Article 7.2, except for the case where it is impossible to give a prior notice due to the suspension of the service caused by the reason beyond the control of the “Company” (disc failure or system down by negligent or intentional act of the system manager, etc)

Article 6 (Withdrawal and Disqualification of User)

1. The “Member” may request the “Company” to cancel his/her membership (Member Withdrawal) at any time, and the “Company” will proceed with the procedures for cancelling the registration of the applicable “Member” immediately upon the receipt of such request.
2 In case that the “Member” commits either of the following events, the “Company” may restrict, suspend or cancel the membership in an appropriate manner
① In case of registering the false contents when applying for membership
② In case of interrupting other person’s use of the “Service” or threatening the order of electronic commerce, such as illegally using information
③ In case of committing any act prohibited by the laws and regulations or the Terms of Use or violating public order and customs by using the “Service”
3. In the event that the “Company” decides to disqualify membership, it will cancel the member registration. In such case, the “Company” will notify the “Member” of such decision and give an opportunity to explain before the cancellation of the member registration.
4. In the event that there is no record of log-in for using the “Service” consecutively for 1 year in the course of using the “Service” after subscription to membership, the “Company” may disqualify membership.

Article 7 (Notice to User)

1. In the event that the “Company” gives a notice to a specific user, the “Company” may give a notice to the mail address provided when signing up to be a member.
2. In the event that the “Company” gives a notice to many and unspecified users, the “Company” may post the notice in the “Site” bulletin board, instead of an individual notice.

Article 8 (Protection of Personal Information of User)

The “Company” will make efforts to protect personal information of the “User”, including user registration information, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Protection of personal information of the “User” shall be made as specified in the relevant laws and regulations and the “Policy for Handling Personal Information”.

Article 9 (Obligations of Company)
1. The “Company” shall not commit any act prohibited by the laws and regulations and the Terms of Use or violating public order and customs, and shall make efforts to provide the Service in the constant and stable manner as specified in the Terms of Use.
2. The “Company” shall establish security system for protection of personal information of the “User” so that the “User” can safely use the Internet service.
3. The “Company” shall not send any advertisement e-mail for commercial purpose that the “User” does not want.

Article 10 (Obligations of User ID and Password)

1. Except for the case where he “Company” assumes responsibility under the related laws and regulations and the “Policy for Handling Personal Information”, each Member shall be responsible for managing his/her ID and password.
2. The “Member” shall not cause any third party to use his/her ID and password.
3. In the event that the “Member” comes to know that his/her ID and password was stolen or is used by a third party, the “Member” shall immediately notify the “Company” of such fact and shall follow the instruction of the “Company”, if any.

Article 11 (Obligations of User)

1. The “User” shall not commit each of the following acts:
① Registering false information when applying for or changing his/her membership
② Changing information posted on the “Company”
③ Infringing personal rights or intellectual property rights of the “Company” or any third party, or interrupting their business
④ Illegally using other member’s ID
⑤ Sending junk mail, spam mail, chain letter, mail soliciting the joining of a pyramid organization, or any mail containing obscene or violent message, video or voice, or disclosing or posting other information violating public order and customs
⑥ Sending or posting any information (computer program, etc) whose transmission or posting is prohibited by the relevant laws and regulations
⑦ Making posts or sending mails by pretending or impersonating the Company’s employee or the manager of the “Site” service, or illegally using other person’s name
⑧ Posting or e-mailing any data containing software virus or any other computer code, file and program made for interrupting or destroying normal operation of computer software, hardware, electric communications equipment
⑨ Harassing other users, such as stalking
⑩ Collecting, saving and disclosing other user’s personal information without his/her consent
⑪ Carrying out commercial activities by using the “Site” service through the posting advertisement or promotion to many and unspecified persons or the sending spam mail
⑫ Violating the terms of use and other rules related to the service use specified in the service provided by the “Company”
2 In the event that the “User” commits any acts specified in Paragraph 1, the “Company” may restrict, suspend and disqualify the membership of such User in accordance with Articles 6.2 and 6.3 of the Terms of Use.
3. The “User” shall be liable for compensating for any damages incurred to the “Company” or other “User” caused by the reason attributable to it.

Article 12 (Deletion of Public Postings)

If any public posting of the “User” falls within each of the followings, the “Company” may delete the applicable public posting without a prior notice to the “User” and may restrict, suspend or disqualify the membership of the applicable “User”:
1. Any contents slandering other users or third parties, or defaming them
2. Any contents distributing information, text or figure containing the contents violating public order and customs
3. Any contents deemed as related to criminal acts
4. Any contents infringing copyrights of other users or third party
5. Any contents deemed as violating other relevant laws and regulations

Article 13 (Responsibility and Policy for Postings)

The copyright of postings posted by the “User” in the bulletin board shall be owned by such writer, and any information or opinion posted in the bulletin board is unrelated to the Company’s position.
The writer shall be solely responsible for the applicable posting in connection with any problem arising out of his/her postings posted in the bulletin board.
The “Company” shall not be liable for any contents posted or published by the “User” or transmitted through its service, and may delete any postings subject to deletion after giving a prior notice.
However, if it is clear that the posting contains illegal contents, the Company may delete such posting without a notice.
The “Company” shall not be liable for any infringement of copyrights or program copyrights of others caused by the postings posted by the “User”, whether in civil or criminal case, and the applicable “User” shall be liable for compensating for any and all damages of the Company, such as any objection, including a claim for damage, raised to the Company by a third party.

1. In the event that the “Company” deems that any contents of the service posted by the “User” violate the principle of operating the bulletin board, the “Company” may delete such contents without a prior or post notice, and may impose a reasonable penalty on the applicable “User”, depending on the relative seriousness of the violation.
2. The “Company”, at its sole discretion, may additionally create or delete any category and bulletin board provided, if necessary, and may also determine or change the period of posting and saving data saved in the bulletin board.
3. The “Company” may edit or move the postings posted by the “User”, if necessary, and may delete the postings posted by the applicable “User” if the “User” terminates or is terminated for legitimate reason.

Article 14 (Standard for Deletion of Postings/Penalty)

‘Information communications ethic committee rule” shall be the basic principle, and the registration of any posting containing the following contents shall be prohibited.
1. Any postings containing the contents violating the substantive law and interrupting public order and fine customs
- Any contents made for the purpose of damaging national ideology and national existence and conducting anti-national act
- Any contents infringing the rights of other persons or groups or defaming
- Any false contents causing social confusion
- Any contents infringing an individual privacy
- Any contents disrespecting human life and containing violence, or any contents praising or promoting crime or wrongdoing
- Any contents causing copycat crime by describing the concrete method of crime
- Any contents and information causing hatred feeling to readers
- Any obscene contents excessively stimulating sexual desire or causing hatred feeling
- Any contents introducing immoral or anti-human sex, such as adulterous relation, incest, etc. in detail, or describing them for the sake of arousing the interest
- Any contents describing or glorifying sexual crime, such as sexual violence, rape or gang rape, in a concrete and factual manner
- Any contents commercializing sex or excessively exposing or mentioning specific body parts
- Any contents insulting personality of other person or causing displeasure or hatred feeling by using vulgar expression of curse or verbal violence
- Any contents stimulating emotional confrontation among specific religions
- Any contents stimulating superstition or unscientific living attitude

2. Postings containing the improper contents
- Spam text (cursing text, chain letter, etc)
- In case that any damage is likely to occur due to the exposure of personal information of a specific individual
- In case that there is a possibility of privacy infringement or defamation of an individual (in particular, a public figure) by posting baseless contents
- In case of any contents violating the nature of the bulletin board, or registering the same postings in multiple bulletin boards
- Any postings containing excessively insincere or meaningless contents
- Any postings whose contents cannot be identified in the screen due to bug
- Any postings causing confusion in using the bulletin board due to disputes unrelated to the subject of the category
- In case of wholly citing the posting deleted by the manager
- Any contents seeking or intermediating a sexual partner, such as prostitution, cyber-sex or bald sexual conversation
- Any contents guiding or intermediating obscene information or decadent entertainment place
- Any posting emotionally blaming a specific user or individual or inducing disputes
- Any postings containing the contents causing misuse or abuse by exaggeratingly introducing medical treatment, apparatus, medicine, health supplement
- Any postings containing quotation whose source is unclear (so called, copied and pasted sentence) or information and argument that a writer cannot be responsible for
- Registering or distributing computer virus-infected materials that may cause wrong operation of information communication equipment or destruction and confusion of information

3. Postings of the contents violating copyright act
- Any contents guiding registration, posting and distribution of commercial programs
- Any contents containing the distribution of unverified software or various copyrighted works
- Any contents infringing copyrights, trademarks or design rights of others without authorization

4. Prohibited postings related to online sale/purchase/money-making
- Posting related to money-making site
- Any contents for direct or indirect promotion for a specific site and product
- Any contents of copying and selling illegal game, software, album, video (including backup CD)
- Any contents advertizing for selling obscene or violent items
- Video and copyrighted work violating fine customs and promoting speculative spirit

4. Others
- Unlawfully using other person’s ID by stealth
- Any postings that are deemed as interrupting normal management activities and services of the “Company” and causing significant interruption and damage to the corporate interest
- Any postings that are deemed as causing damage and harm to the “User”
Any posting violating the below contents may be deleted without a prior notice, and if it is deemed that there is repetitive violation or severe damage due to violation, the “Company” may warn the “User” or suspend the use of the service

Article 15 (Ownership of Copyright and Restriction on Use)

1. Assets related to the “Site” include copyrights, trademarks, technical information, texts, graphics, audios, videos, downloads, links and source codes (hereinafter, “Website Service”), and the “Company” will have all rights to the “Service”. Any type of information is for the benefit of the “User”, and is provided for the User’s convenience. However, the “Company” clarifies that it does not grant a right to commercially use such information. The “User” shall not use the “Site” service for purposes other than the personal purpose.

2. The User shall not use the information obtained by using the “Site” or allow a third party to use them through reproduction, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting or other method without a prior consent of the “Company.”

Article 16 (Indemnification)

1. The “Company” shall not be liable for any loss of expected profit from the User’s use of the “Service” or any damage incurred from the use of data obtained through the “Service”.
2. The “Company” confirms that information and data in the “Site” do not satisfy the requirements of organizations related to security trade. Therefore, the “User” is recommended not to make investment decision by reference to such information or data. The “Company” expressively and clearly confirms that it will not warrant the accuracy and reliance of such information and data as commercial and financial information.
3. The “Company” will provide various links in accordance with its internal standard. The lined websites are provided for the User’s securing information and convenience, but the “Company” shall not be legally liable for any link site and shall not warrant the reliance of website. The “User” shall be responsible for effectively using each link site, based on his/her own decision.
4. The “User” shall be responsible for the reliance or accuracy of the contents, such as information, data or facts, posted in the screen, and the “Company” shall not be liable for any damage incurred to the “User” or a third party caused by any inaccurate or false contents.
5. The “Company” shall not be liable for any damage to the “User” or a third party caused by the intentional or negligent act of the “User” in connection with the use of the “Service”.

Article 17 (Amendment to Terms of Use)

1. The “Company” may amend the Terms of Use to the extent not violating the related laws, such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Electronic Transactions, the Act on Electronic Signature, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.
2. In case that the “Company” intends to amend the Terms of Use, the “Company” shall publicly announce the application date and reason for amendment, together with the current Terms of Use, in the initial screen from 7 days before the application date until the day immediately before the application date.
3. The “User” has the rights to refuse the changed Terms of Use. The “User” may express its intent of refusal within 15 days after the public announcement of the changed Terms of Use. In the event that the “User” refuses the changed Terms of Use, the “Company” may terminate the agreement with the applicable “User”. In the event that the “User” fails to refuse the changed Terms of Use within 15 days from the public announcement of such changed Terms of Use, the “User” shall be deemed as giving consent.

Article 18 (Jurisdiction)

Any dispute in connection with the use of the Service arising out of between the “Company” and the User shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and any litigation shall be submitted before the court in Korea having jurisdiction under the civil procedure act.

Supplementary Provision

The Terms of Use shall be applied from August 20, 2016.


□ Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information
Mtekvision Co., Ltd establishes the procedures under which you may click the “Agree” button or “Disagree” button with respect to the details of the Terms of Use for Mtekvsion homepage (www. co.kr) and your clicking the “Agree” button will be deemed as giving consent to the collection of personal information.
※ This Service (Site) does not collect personal information of children under 14, and does not post or provide any information harmful to children in its homepage.
Mtekvision homepage will collect the minimum personal information necessary for using the Service at the time of application for membership.
Personal information handled is not used for purposes other than the following purpose, and if the purpose of use is changed, Mtekvision will take any necessary measures, such as obtaining separate consent, in accordance with Article 18 of the Act on Protection of Personal Information.

Application for Membership
In order to use the service available in the homepage of Mtekvision, you should fill out the mandatory information (such as ID to be used, password, name, e-mail, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, nation) when applying for membership. However, failure to fill out the optional items (company name, business registration number, address, city, state, etc.) will not limit the use of the service.
The specific collection and use purpose by item of personal information shall be as follows:

- Name, ID, password, e-mail: Used for the procedures for identity verification for using the membership service
- E-mail address, telephone number: Securing smooth communication ways for questions about Mtekvision and its product, and new service guidance
- Address, telephone number: Securing exact place for delivery with respect to product delivery
- Other optional items: Collecting information of companies or individuals that are interested in Mtekvision products

Contact Support
- Mandatory item: Writer, e-mail, company name, nation
□ Items of Personal Information to be collected
① Items of Mandatory Personal Information
Member ID, password, name, address, mobile phone number, telephone number, e-mail address
② Items of Optional Personal Information
Company name, business registration number, city, state, nation

□ Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information
The retention period for collected personal information in the Mtekvision homepage shall be from joining a member to membership termination (application for withdrawal). In addition, in case of termination, Mtekvision homepage will irrecoverably destroy personal information of members immediately (If personal information is provided to a third party, it will direct such third party to destroy personal information); provided, however, that it retains personal information during the period specified in each of subparagraphs:
① If it is necessary to preserve personal information under the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Commercial Code, the transaction details and the minimum basic information will be retained only for the preservation period specified in the laws and regulations.

② If Mtekvision give a prior notice to a member and the retention period is not lapsed, or if the Mtekvision obtains consent from a member, it will retain personal information during the promised period.

□ Right to Refusal of Consent and Disadvantage for Refusal of Consent
You may refuse to give consent to the purposes of collection and use of personal information, and if you refuse to give consent, you cannot be a member of the Mtekvision homepage and cannot use any restricted services (brochure download, datasheet download, contact support) provided in the homepage.